Removal Orders: George Haslehurst

Searching through poor law vouchers, a story is beginning to emerge from the fragments. At the end of April 1831 George Haslehurst was served with a removal order by the Parish of Uttoxeter. Bills were sent to the overseer by the justices’ clerks for carrying out the paperwork. In May, along with his child, Haslehurst was taken by William Williams in his horse and gig to Eckington in Derbyshire. Williams billed the overseers  £2. 8s.  The next time we come across a reference to Haslehurst, also in May 1831, is in the form of an invoice for the burial of the child and another invoice for the provision of a ‘parish coffin’ sent by Goodall and Heath. In the meantime, a bill for ‘medical powders’ and ‘mixtures’, dated 29 April 1831, was sent by the Eckington overseer to the Uttoxeter surgeons Alsop and Chapman. The bill was paid by the Uttoxeter overseer on 30 May. There is no mention of Haslehurst in this bill, but could it relate to the deceased child?

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