A Policeman’s Lot

Uttoxeter’s police constables were appointed for a year. In most years between  1809 and 1831, two were appointed.  Some of these names also occur in the poor law vouchers, usually as business owners’, or as in Thomas Norris’ case as the overseer.

1809-10 John Dumelo and William Hart

1810 -11 Hugh Clewley and Edward Bell

1811-12 Thomas Salt and Jonathan Garle

1812-13 Richard Morley and Stephen Willock

1813-14 Job Shaw (dep) Thomas Lassetter and Michael Clewley

1814-15 William Clark and John Evans

1815-16 Thomas Smith deputised for Stanford Bell, and James Orton

1816-17 John Salt and James Smith

1817-18 John Vernon and Jos Bull

1818-19 Thomas Norris and Samuel Mellor

1819-20 Richard Keates and William Perkin

1820-21 Joseph Fox and John French

1821-22 Thomas Mapley and Henry Arnold

1822-23 Ralph Bagshaw William Key the younger

1823-24 James Bamford and Fred Lowe

1824 Samuel Brassington and George Foster

1825 William Rogers and Joseph Woolley

1826 Thomas Plimmer and George Greenshaw

1827 William Fletcher, Thomas Osbourne and Thomas Plimmer(?)

1828 Lewis Hall

1829 Francis Cox

1830 Thomas Phillips

1831 James Mills














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