Calves’ Pluck a la Bourgeoisie

Every now and then we come across words and phrases in the vouchers that we are unsure about. On one bill were the words ‘calves pluck’. This usually refers to offal, but I came across this recipe in Richard Dalby’s 1830 publication ‘The Cook’s Dictionary and Housekeeper’s Directory’.
The pluck comprehends the heart, the lights and the spleen, cut these in pieces, soak them well in cold water, and blanch them, then put in a stew pan, a little butter, and a bunch of sweet herbs, add a little flour and moisten with stock. When done, and well flavoured, put to it the yolks of three eggs, diluted with milk, thicken it over the fire and when ready to serve put in a little verjuice.

Verjuice is an acid liquor made from crabapples. It was used in cooking and also medicines.


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