James Spooner Greenwich Pensioner.

Pension assigned cropped

Stafford Record Office Doc. Ref. D3891/6/37/10/29

James Spooner was baptised on 26 Dec 1776 at St. Mary’s, Uttoxeter the son of  James and Mary Spooner.

Greenwich Hospital out-pensioners 1814-1846 records viewed online[i] reveal that James Spooner, service no 2578, served 17 years 6 months, when he was awarded a pension in 1814 with the first payment being at Christmas 1814. The last ship served or wounded was recorded as Portsmouth DM, and the pension award was  £8 pa. paid quarterly.  [A google search for Portsmouth DM brings up a web page relating to Portsmouth, Dominica]

1829 onwards has a notation on the pension records – Assigned to Uttoxeter PO.

The 1842 Register of candidates for admission to Greenwich Hospital lists James Spooner age 66 M.[married?]  Remarks- Rheumatism. [NB this gives  a date of birth of 1776]

The pension register for 1843-6 has James Spooner crossed out and D?? 4 May 1843. This I assume was the date he died.

Deducting the length of service from the Date of Pension he must have signed up around 1796.

The Parish Records for St. Mary’s, Uttoxeter have a marriage for James Spooner  on 29 Nov 1814, to Mary Ryder and they were both single so the assumption is that he retired from the Royal Marines and got married, but no record of children were found.

What is most surprising is that the above document was used as scrap paper by Wm. Williams the Constable to put in a bill for several expenses he had incurred.

[i] http://www.findmypast.co.uk

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