Thomas Coxon 1788-1871


Stafford Record Office Document Ref. D 3891/6/35/1/25 (Overseers Voucher) 1833

mar signature cropped

Signature from the marriage record. 1809

Thomas Coxon was baptised on 24th Aug 1778[i] and was the son of Thomas and Hannah Coxon. Thomas Coxon Senior was also a Hairdresser, having served an apprenticeship to John Mottram of Uttoxeter with duties paid in Newcastle under Lyme, on 30 July 1752.[ii]

Thomas Coxon junior married Frances Tooth Dilks on 25 Dec 1809 at St. Mary’s, Uttoxeter and they had 8 Children.

  1. 3 Oct 1810 Hannah. Uttox. 5 Aug 1818 age 7
  2. 5 Jan 1812 Thomas
  3. 3 May 1814 Frances
  4. 16 Sept 1816 Sarah
  5. 1 Oct 1818 Hannah Ann bur. 4 Oct 1818 age 4 days.
  6. 27 Sept 1823 Elizabeth
  7. 23 Oct 1824 Edward Tooth Coxon bur Uttox. 10 July 1825 aged 9 months
  8. 12 June 1829 Edwin Coxon s/o Thomas and Frances at St Mary’s, and curiously enough also at High St. Wesleyan Chapel, Uttoxeter, Edwin born 10 Jun 1829 Bapt. 11 June 1829.

In the early 1830’s Thomas Coxon was working as a Hair dresser and being paid to shave the poor by the Uttoxeter, Overseers. (See voucher above) “The History of Shaving” points out that this was usually a very unhygienic process.[iii]

Whites 1834 Uttoxeter Directory lists Thomas Coxon, Hairdresser in Church Street whereas a year later Pigot’s, 1835 Directory has Thomas Coxon, Church side, Uttoxeter as a Hairdresser and Lace Agent so perhaps at this point Thomas is expanding his business interests.

Frances Coxon (his wife) was buried in St. Mary’s, Uttoxeter, on 12 May 1840 aged 54

Around that date the family move to Nottingham and the hair dressing appears to be dropped. In 1841, 1851 and 1861 Thomas is living with his son Thomas and family. In 1841[iv] Thomas says he is of Independent means, in 1851[v] he says he is a retired Pawnbroker and that is the same in 1861[vi]

However in 1871[vii] Thomas Coxon has left his son’s home and is a lodger with a family who appear to be unconnected to the Coxons, and he gives his occupation as a Rent Collector.  As Thomas Coxon dies shortly afterwards in the June Quarter 1871 in Nottingham age 93, I did wonder if he needed care which was too much for his daughter in law who would have been around 59 and who was probably helping in her Husband’s business,  which  by this time was employing 3 men[viii]. Checking the 1881 Census for the family he is lodging with reveals that they again have a lodger – an elderly woman who was deaf from birth.

Thomas Coxon, son of Thomas and Frances Coxon was the son that Thomas  lived with for over 20 years. Thomas married and had a family and continued to run a watch making business in Nottingham even until 1891[ix] at the age of 79. The London Gazette has a notice of the dissolution of the Partnership of Thomas Coxon and John Johnson on 17 April 1888, who had been trading as Watchmakers and Jewellers at 41 Broad St., and as Lace Gassers at Halifax place. John Johnson is probably the son of Thomas’s sister Frances. Thomas died in Sept Quarter 1892 at the age of 80. Predeceasing his wife who died Dec Quarter 1893.

Frances, daughter  of Thomas, also married a Clockmaker, Richard Johnson in Dec Quarter  1837 in Nottingham and was widowed before 1851 when she is recorded as an Infant School Teacher in Nottingham, where she remained until the 1871 Census reveals that she is in Newcastle on Tyne, but she returned to live with her son John in Nottingham before dying there probably in 1900.

Sarah, daughter of Thomas and Frances married Joseph Norman, a tailor, on 13 June 1836 at Uttoxeter with the consent of her parents as she was only 20. They raised a family and moved around quite a bit before Joseph died March Quarter 1866 and then Sarah also ended up in Newcastle on Tyne in 1881 with one of her sons, when they were probably living over a Tailor’s shop.[x]

Sarah died in Newcastle in the Dec. Quarter 1888.

Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas and Frances married Daniel Booker a book keeper, in Nottingham in 1846. By 1861[xi] Daniel had become a Lace Manufacturer. Elizabeth died June Quarter 1888, probably without having children.

Edwin the youngest child of Thomas and Frances Coxon became a shoemaker, married and raised a family. By the 1871 Census Edwin was employing 3 men. However in 1881 he has changed occupation and become a Cab Driver.[xii] The 1891 Census also has his occupation as Cabman (corrected to Groom by the census officials). Then in the 1901 Census he is a widowed resident of Nottingham Union Workhouse.[xiii] Edwin Died in the Sept. Q. 1908.

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[ii] Registers of Duties paid on Apprentice Indentures 1710 to 1811. National Archives series IR1.



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2 thoughts on “Thomas Coxon 1788-1871

  1. I was interested to read this entry, because Thomas was my ggg grandfather. I have researched my family tree, and was aware of most of the information, although not the bit about the shaving of the poor. As a matter of interest, I believe Thomas and Frances had a ninth child, a boy named Hammond, baptised on 4th April 1832, in Uttoxeter, and buried 6 weeks later on 17th May 1832.
    Geoff Coxon


  2. Like Geoff Coxon I too was very interested to read this article. I am descended from Frances Coxon and Richard Johnson and have alternative/additional information to add:

    Thomas Coxon died 29 May 1871.

    I can confirm that John Gerrard Johnson, watchmaker and jeweller of Broad Street, was the youngest son of Frances and Richard. They had two other sons, Rev Richard Johnson (went to Nova Scotia) and Thomas Johnson, my direct ancestor.

    My records show that Frances Coxon/Johnson (widow) was at 88 Northumberland Street, Nottingham with her son John and his wife Charlotte in both the 1871 and 1881 censuses. In 1891 they were at 41 Broad Street.

    Frances died at Beeston Rylands, Nottingham (home of son Thomas Johnson) on 7 January 1900 (bronchitis) and was buried in Beeston Cemetery on 19 January. Son Thomas and his wife Ellen are buried with her. (As yet, I have not been able to ascertain what happened to John Johnson and his wife.)


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