Thomas Cotes, Shoemaker.

Thomas Cotes was a Shoemaker doing shoe repairs and supplying shoes to the Paupers of Tettenhall and may be either Father or son as it is impossible to tell from the Paupers’ vouchers. However comparing the signatures off the marriage records with the one on the Paupers’ vouchers I think it is most likely to have been the elder Thomas. (See the bottom of the page.)

Thomas Cotes senior was born circa 1766 but so far I have been unable to identify his baptism. However he may have been the older brother of John Cotes the tailor.

There is a first marriage for Thomas Cotes, senior to Ann Smith on14 Oct 1787 at Tettenhall with the burial on 12 Apr 1791 of Ann Cotes wife of Thomas, at Tettenhall. However I have been unable to identify a marriage to Mary.

St. Michael and all Angles, Parish Records, Tettenhall have the following baptisms for the children of Thomas Cotes senior.

  1. 24 Mar 1799 Lucy d/o Thomas and Mary Cotes.
  2. 20 June 1801 Elizabeth d/o Thomas and Mary Cotes.
  3. 25 Dec 1802 Fanny d/o Thomas and Mary Cotes
  4. 21 Aug 1803 Mary Handley d/o Thomas and Mary Cotes. (Another entry says Mary Stanley Cotes)
  5. 13 Oct 1805 Thomas s/o Thomas and Mary Cotes
  6. 8 Jan 1809 Henry s/o Thomas and Mary Cotes.
  7. 14 Oct 1810 Sarah d/o Thomas and Mary Cotes
  8. 30 Jun 1811 Ann d/o Thomas and Mary Cotes
  9. 5 Aug 1812 Jane d/o Thomas and Mary Cotes
  10. 11 Sep 1814 Benjamin s/o Thomas and Mary Cotes


1841 Census HO107/998 folio 7

Address Upper Green, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton & Seisdon, Staffordshire,

Thomas           Cotes Age 75 Shoemaker  born Staffordshire

Mary                Cotes   Age 70                     born Staffordshire

Thomas           Cotes  age  35 Shoemaker born Staffordshire

Henry               Cotes  Age 30 Shoemaker   born Staffordshire

Benjamin         cotes  Age  25  Shoemaker  born Staffordshire


The Parish Records of St. Michael and all Angels record the burial of Thomas Cotes senior aged 83 on 29 May 1847. His wife Mary had predeceased him shortly before and was buried 5 March 1847.


Thomas Cotes Junior carried on the business.

1851 Census HO107/2017 folio 82

Address – Upper Green, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton,

Thomas           Cotes  Head age  45 Cordwainer born Tettenhall, Staffordshire

Henry               Cotes  Lodger Age 42  Cordwainer  born Tettenhall, Staffordshire

On 20 April 1854 Thomas Cotes junior married Caroline Powis a spinster at St. Michael and All Angels, Tettenhall. There is no record of any children.

1861 Census RG9/1984 folio 32

Address – Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire

Thomas           Cotes  Head age  55 Boot & Shoe maker  born Tettenhall, Staffordshire

Caroline           Cotes, wife age     57                                  born Tettenhall, Staffordshire.

Thomas Cotes junior died 1867 and was buried aged 61 on 18 Feb 1867 at St. Michael and All Angels, Tettenhall.


Ref D571/A/PO/72/3d Signature of Thomas Cotes Shoemaker in the Paupers’ vouchers.


Thomas Cotes Junior signature from his marriage in 1854


Signature of Thomas Cotes senior from his marriage in 1787


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