Jane (or is it Jenny?) Deaville

There is a possible baptism in Doveridge of Jenny Deaville on 27 Mar 1796 the daughter of Benjamin and Jane Deaville.  (More about this later).

No marriage has been found for any Deaville to a Jane, or for Jane Deaville to anyone else after 1831.

Buried in St. Mary’s, Uttoxeter on 1 Jan 1863, Jane Deaville age 64,

The only things we definitely know about Jane Deaville is that on 12 Jan 1831 W.H. Holmes put in a bill to Uttoxeter Overseers for 2 shillings for the committal of Jane Deaville to Stafford Lunatic Asylum[i].

On the following day William Williams charged 10 shillings for conveying Jane Deaville to Stafford Lunatic Asylum. He was paid by Thomas Norris the Overseer.[ii]

Jane Deaville appears in the Stafford Asylum Weekly Returns[iii] which confirms the date of her admittance on 15th June and her discharge on 25th June 1831.  William Williams needed to make 2 journeys to Stafford over this as he charged £1.14s for 2 journeys on the 20th and 28th June 1831[iv].

A further bill was received and settled by the overseers on 11 Aug 1831 when they paid for 22 weeks care and clothing for Jane Deaville at Stafford Lunatic Asylum.[v]

The Overseers also received a letter of discharge dated 28 May 1831 from the Lunatic Asylum which gives the information that she had a sister in Uttoxeter running a Dressmaking business.[vi]


After this letter there appears to be no trace of Jane Deaville until a burial in Uttoxeter on 1 Jan 1863 aged 64.

Consequently I looked at the unnamed sister living in Uttoxeter who was a dress maker.  William White’s Directory of 1834 lists a Miss Hannah Deaville as a Milliner and Dressmaker and this lady was located in the 1841 and subsequent Census giving her birthplace as Doveridge.  Unfortunately she was living alone in all censuses.

Using Hannah’s age and stated birth place of Doveridge her baptism was found as the daughter of Benjamin and Jane Deaville and the baptism of other children was also found, which included Jenny in 1796 but no Jane. At first sight it appears that Hannah was not Jane’s sister until we look at the marriage of the parents and find that Benjamin Deaville married Jenny Stone! Several indexes which use the Soundex system give Jane as an alternative for Jenny and vice versa.

The 1841, 1851 and 1861 census do not give any Jenny or Jane Deaville of the correct approximate age in or around Uttoxeter.

The possibility that Jane Deaville was the mother, and not the sister, of Hannah was ruled out by finding the burial of both Benjamin and Jane Deaville in Doveridge in 1824, which says of Uttoxeter

So the lady remains a mystery.  A guess might be that she was living with a man as his wife and using his name in the census but not was legally married to him.

This will be updated if future information is found.



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