Elizabeth Wetton

These two printed receipts amongst the Uttoxeter overseers accounts show payments made to Elizabeth Wetton for printing handbills and supplying haberdashery items. The later one for 1832 (on the left) indicates she was a draper in the Market Place. The earlier one for 1830 (on the right) shows she was operating quite a multi-purpose business.

At this time Elizabeth was a widow in her 70s who had carried on her husband’s business (printer and mercer) after his death in 1800 as she had several young children to raise and educate. The receipts are signed by her son-in-law William Smith, who took over the business in January 1834. Elizabeth died in May 1834 at the age of 80.

Elizabeth emerges as a determined lady, keen to soldier on when widowed and to continue to run the business until very shortly before her death at the grand age of 80.